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Video Graphics and Animations

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Even if they are not video graphics & animations based, having a clear visual style with caption graphics is important. After all, more and more videos are frequently best optimised for smartphones and played with the sound down or off.

Your next video can be that much more impactful with our motion video graphics & animations skill. Branding, logos, titles, charts, or even your whole video, can be enhanced so viewers get your message more clearly.

With two-thirds of us visual learners, a video without any form of graphic content can a real disadvantage. Therefore, 2D and 3D graphics can really enhance your image and make your next video a strong brand statement.

Captivate your audience
Creating an opening graphics sting, or a complete video as a stylish 3D graphics journey can be a very impressive way of captivating your audience and getting your messages across. Therefore, we can incorporate live-action within graphics too, using green screen filming.

3D graphics can also be a very powerful way of presenting complicated graphs and charts. Especially where elements animate and build-up on-screen so they are clearer to the viewer.

Speaker support videos are a great way of setting the scene at your next meeting. With matching music and effects, our video graphics & animations provide a motivating and memorable takeaway. Contact us now to discuss your ideas...

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