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Whilst Sugar is illegal the cravings are very real. Within the criminal underworld, two rival cartels the "Tricka's Rats" and the "Sugar Kings Scavenging Youths" are out for the control. The law breaking public stash what they have left as they defend their homes from the bitter gangs and police who are only after one thing... 
The control of the Sugar Rush. For he who hunts the most becomes the host and those who host the treats dictate the streets as London is for the taking...

Written & Produced by Loud Visions very own CEO

Robert Nek


Robbie Gee (Snatch - Guy Richie)

Big Joe Egan (Sherlock Homes - Guy Richie)

Pete Bennett (Big Brother)

Rednek (Award Winning Music Artist)

Milad Shadrooh  (The Singing Dentist)

Heavy D (Storage Wars)

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A Christmas booking in a 16th century hotel takes a supernatural time bending turn for the worse as Lucy Preston awakes the next day to find no belongings. Trapped within a hotel room that seems to have no concept of time or logic. It’s not long after she realises that she is not alone in the room.



Scole Inn - Now known as the “Diss By Verve” Hotel situated in Diss, Norfolk UK which dates back to 1655. Legend has it that the hotel has a ghost called Emma who was murdered by her jealous husband in the 1750's. One night Emma's husband rode his horse into the hotel and up the staircase out of rage accusing Emma of having an affair with a highwayman that was also staying at the inn- although it was thought she was innocent. 

Written & Produced by Loud Visions very own CEO

Robert Nek

Loud Vision Ltd also creates Promo, Adverts & Marketing Videos. Contact us for more details. 



Rise Of Fizzy Pop Poster.png

Rise of Fizzy Pop is a black comedy that roots for the underdog and shows how the most vulnerable can find their own voice, with the help of the most unexpected. 

Fizzy Pop, wannabe musician, played by Big Brother winner and Brighton icon Pete Bennett, is an agoraphobe who hasn’t stepped foot outside for ages.  He is afraid of the outside world and what comes with it.  Trapped in his own domain, a small flat adorned with music memorabilia Fizzy practices his music, day in/day out, fantasising that one day he too can confidently rock the stage. But his fear is debilitating, and he finds himself instead obsessing over his music and talking to his so-called friends at home, Dexter his lizard, Dave the fridge, Goggle his AI, Billy his stuffed bear and his over-bearing mate ‘Shadow.’

One day, Fizzy goes to the toilet.  Doing so, the toilet  aka ‘John’ offers him a wish and a magic pen. Fizzy is over the moon at his new gift and is determined to write the ‘bestest most amazing song ever heard’ for the Battle of the Bands. His ‘friends’ at home lovingly plead with him to stay with them, safely, avoiding the evils that lurk outside. Fizzy, having found the music but no lyrics, is still determined to prove to his friends and himself that he can and will get to the competition. Dexter, is hell bent on stopping him but Fizzy defies his wishes and escapes anyway.  A chase ensues and eventually Fizzy makes it to the gig but not after accidentally stepping on a snail on his journey.

Fizzy has found his lyrics and is even more determined to face his fears and win the competition. Fizzy is deathly afraid and despite Shadow’s puts downs, conquers his fears and succeeds in winning the Battle of the Bands competition. Fizzy has managed to overcome his fears this time, but can he keep the voices at bay the next?

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